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I moved into a new, HR-adjacent role, so am further removed from the business and therefore am not in the loop.

My coworker has been doing some work with one of the groups that is probably targeted, so he has more info (like the dates, etc).

My boss is VERY flexible and supportive of work/life balance matters.

Say that you know the company has generally been open to people doing their work remotely, and ask if it’s something he’d be willing to consider for you.

It would be easy for me to travel back to my current office on occasion for meetings.

The trickier thing is that my particular department is tiny; only myself, my boss, and rotating interns, so every person does count.

We are both early in our careers and feel strongly that we want a good foundation of experience, and thus we figured we’d focus on finding jobs first and then work out how to be together. My organization has an office in the city where my boyfriend lives.

The culture of my organization is such that people are VERY lax about relocating for personal reasons.

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