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In my last rental it was stated that I was not to touch any items whatsoever, even changing a light bulb or a tap washer.I had owned my own property at one time and had renovated it, but even still tenants were not allowed to touch ANYTHING. Maintaining a roof over your head should come before everything else.Got a call from them overseas complaining we were now behind in rent etc etc.Had to explain it was their fault for banking it too early and now they would have to wait till we got back and no we would not be paying their dishonour fee.I had a broken tile, i repaired myself with some stuff, was easier than ringing up waiting. They didn't do inspections when they said they would, took ages to provide inspection reports and when the fence got blown over in a storm didn't bother to inform me – I found out through family and got it sorted. We were willing to get gas outlets installed so that the tenants could get some more heating and even asked the agent to get quotes but they did nothing.I was a landlord for a brief period of time while working and living overseas. In the end the tenants left because they had a falling out with the agent and we sacked the agent after making them go in and clean the place up.Can you come around and get rid of it, and we can talk about replacing my stuff. I have to laugh at this as its sadly so believable.

So perhaps due to liability or insurance, there could be reasons why a tenant wouldn't want to do it themselves.Will be looking at investment property shortly and am planning on managing it myself.As long as it's made clear at the beginning of the tenancy then there shouldn't be a problem.I had a broken tile, i repaired myself with some stuff, was easier than ringing up waiting.I was in dept of housing one day, heard elderly lady going of about that, housing manager shaking her head, wonder why their 2mill in debt, a neighbour would do it if they asked.

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