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And to top it off let’s talk about really cool things your friends said when you were hanging out the other night. “Don’t drink too much, as a man expects you to keep your dignity all evening.

There’s the milk and the cow thing that my mom still says (don’t get me started, I KNOW) and, like, the three-date rule or something (I was never very good at that, sorry, propriety) and probably don’t go on a date with someone who asks you if you’re cool with being stabbed to death HA HA JUST KIDDING GET IN MY WINDOWLESS VAN NOW.

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Somehow, at lunch, two tweets snuck through the Iron Curtain of evil and I could SEE THEM, as TEXTS, but I could not RESPOND to them, and I could see that they were AWESOME, and I WANTED to respond, but COULD NOT. So as the day progressed I got scratchy and started seeing bugs climbing out of the walls, you know, like the addicts in the filmstrips they used to show us in health class, and then on the drive home the Gs returned. And my dad is all about the conspiracy theories so if my DAD tells me I’m being cuckoo-bananas, then probably he’s right.

He develops feelings for Snow White and the two have a litter of seven children together.

He quits his position as the Sheriff due to the election of Prince Charming as Mayor, whom he despises, and leaves Fabletown.

The last straw is to pass out from too much liquor. ” If I went somewhere I was “expected” to keep my dignity, I’d be flat-on-my-ass drunk before the appetizer course was served.

Drinking may make some girls seem clever, but most get silly.

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