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We (the United States Government) recognize the profound role that Rabbi Schneerson had in the expansion of those institutions.Although he never visited Israel, many of Israel's top leadership made it a point to visit him.Moscow relied heavily on local organized crime structures in its support for separatist movements in Transdniester, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea, and the Donbas.Grinda said the mafia now exercised tremendous control over sectors of the global economy.But for many banks, private bankers, hedge funds, law firms, and accounting firms, for leading oil companies like Exxon Mobil and BP, as well as for needy borrowers like the Trump Organization, the opportunity to feed on post-Soviet spoils was a godsend.This was vulture capitalism at its worst., during the time Yeltsin’s chosen successor, Vladimir Putin, was deputy mayor of St.Petersburg, he was alleged to be involved with the local Mafia, ex-KGB apparatchiks and bureaucrats in schemes involving the diversion of municipal funds, illegal arms shipments, the food shortage scandal of 1991, the local gambling industry, and money laundering for the Cali drug cartel through the Real Estate Board of St. And when he moved into the Kremlin, Putin put his old mafia contacts to use.

Ariel Sharon who had a close relationship with Schneerson. Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu also visited and sought Schneersons advice.The and the Kabbalah of Rabbi Isaac Luria, are frequently cited in Chabad works.Although the Chabad Lubavitcher movement is often listed as a part of Orthodox Judaism, it has often been condemned as heretical by traditional Jews.Organized crime in Russia uses legal businesses as fronts for illegal activities and for setting up illegal product lines.The expansion of organized crime in Moscow, for example, occurred through buying real estate, and through gaining controlling shares of banks and other enterprises.

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    With a population of approximately 201,165 at the 2010 census, it is the 18th largest city in the state of California and forms part of the Modesto–Merced combined Statistical Area.