6 months of dating quotes

Wishing you an anniversary full of all the love you deserve and I promise to give you my days until I have none left.I love you more than life itself, because without you I am nothing, without you I do not want to be anything.If your friends are about to celebrate their anniversary, then it would be nice of you to commemorate that date and the love they have through a loving phrase in which you will be able to express your joy in their anniversary.

Thank you for sharing with us your love and for setting this example.Thank you for everything you give me, you are amazing.Happy Anniversary”.:: “Every year achieve together as a couple will be more special than the last, for we will know more about the other one and because we will be more united than ever.Best wishes”.:: “Our friendship started about the time we were born, because I cannot remember a day when we have not been together, doing everything and trying to always achieve our goals.Since you got married, I knew that things would no longer be the same, because now I am also married and the team has been enlarged.

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