Aaron mcgruder dating

Many critics believe that the terrible childhood Mc Gruder had while growing up with his black mother has caused him to have negative opinion towards having a black girlfriend.

Some of his fans believe that the claims are just pathetic attempts to ruin Mc Gruder’s reputation.

Now, reports are coming out claiming the cartoonist is no different from the characters portrayed in his cartoon series.

survived the attempted assassination and woke from a coma in President George W. Mc Gruder’s live-action Adult Swim comedy series Black Jesus is currently in season 3.There is no word on whether Boondocks season 5 ever made it to that universe.The as-yet-untitled series’ alternate universe is inspired by the success of Amazon’s dystopian series The Man in the High Castle.Many of Mc Gruder’s close friends have revealed in their interviews to different sources that he actually looks down upon women of African American origin.While he is fairly nice to women who are white and Asian by ethnicity, there are claims that he has mistreated black women on multiple occasions. He has a degree in African American Studies from the University of Maryland.

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