Also give me a dating membership

By giving everyone FREE memberships, it let's people join, post what they like, post their pictures, and start interacting with people immediately. Jewish and is a site for EVERYONE, then you may want to consider changing that.Theme sites work VERY well, because it allows you to target one specific audience, instead of the entire world. Allowing new members to gain access for free, will definitely attract many more people to try your services out before they go to another place.Where I live is a bar & grill known for being the hotspot for singles in our area.If you have something close - get big fat sign onto your car and park close to the door with flyers and business cards available.I don't think anyone will sell you valid profiles of people.Christoph For what you are trying to accomplish you would probably get a fairly good average of visitors who eventually will find interest in your website and services. Christoph Rather than creating a dating site from scratch (which is suicide as you need an existing membership base) consider plugging into a white label solution.So in order to bypass that, why not give away some free memberships? You can get your friends to sign up, or just find people on the web.

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I know you've invested a lot of time and money into this project already, but if you want to stay afloat, and not become one of the other services who start up and die out in under 10 months then you'll need to make these sacrifices.

Also try an affiliate program, that should get more people signing up. How could you possibly compete against the big sites?

Think of it from a members perspective: would you sign up for an obscure dating site when you could just use Yahoo or

Also - I am tempted to get involved in some kind of affiliate program with access to a big database of members at least at girst.

The problem is that I want to customize my site fully and I want to keep the new members.

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