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Although his character Carter has notes of Seth Cohen's awkwardness around women, he's pretty different for the most part.Carter is a sleazy soft-core adult film writer living in L. After his girlfriend, a famous actress, breaks up with him, he retreats to Michigan to visit his grandma, Phyllis.Also, her fiancé actually wasn't a good person because he kept secrets from her, including the fact that he has a kid with another woman and now she just has to deal with this. Audiences and critics agreed about this, because the film was a bomb. The film is a pastiche of the romantic comedies of the early 1960s, like Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.: Reuben Feffer (Stiller) is a life insurance man who lives cautiously.These are the love stories that will enjoy a revival on this list.These films aren't necessarily bad, they just weren't sentimental enough to earn a place in our hearts.The talented and handsome Olyphant proved his comedy chops with Netflix's is basically about how a woman (Jennifer Garner) whose fiancé dies and then all his male friends try to take care of her (but really more like hit on her).

He decides to pursue an old high school classmate, Polly (Aniston); a free spirit who owns a pet ferret.Philip Seymour Hoffman co-stars as Reuben's friend Sandy, a former teen idol.There's a really strange subplot about him trying to make a comeback by making a documentary about playing Judas in the musical .The constant shifts in POV make for some great sight gags, and the movie has an important message about beauty to the man wandering through the aforementioned land of women.

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