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(Gregory Bull/AP)How he got rich: He co-founded a business staffing company with his cousin and expanded it into numerous staff resource businesses, allowing him to buy a minority share of the Ravens in 2000.(Patrick Semansky/AP)How he got rich: He owned a Texas energy company that he sold to Enron in 1999, right before that company sank.

He later owned the Six Flags amusement park franchise and Dick Clark Productions, and now owns the local radio chain that includes the team flagship station. owned the 49ers during their 1980s and ‘90s heyday, but the NFL barred him in 2000 after a corruption scandal in Louisiana.He got the expansion Texans in 2002, replacing the departed Oilers.Not surprisingly, Reliant, which has the naming rights to the Texans’ stadium, is an energy giant in Texas.(Patric Schneider/AP)How he got rich: The native of Queens, N.Y, co-founded Home Depot in 1978 in Atlanta; he and Bernie Marcus had been fired as executives at another home-improvement company and decided to strike out on their own.

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