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Legendary manga creator Go Nagai has half a century of works under his belt.

The Third Plate has ramped up the stakes and the steaks this season in unprecedented ways.

During its heyday, it created memorable anime like Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, GANTZ, Vandread, Red Garden, Rosario Vampire, and Last Exile.

Sure, there were some clunkers in there (Dragonaut - The Resonance, anyone?

The concerts, which already include KANA-BOON, Bi SH, Kishidan, Little Glee Monster, GRANRODEO, SPYAIR, FLOW, DISH//, and Hiroshi Kitadani announced idol group Keyakizaka46, super band Sakanaction, singer Leo Ieiri, Thinking Dogs, and 04 Limited Sazabys will perform at the event. compilation film, and Okouchi confirmed that they are both returning for what is "next" for the films.

"At the time of the television series, I intended to close the book on Lelouch's story after the final... Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam's Kamille, Fa, Emma, and Reccoa narrate the 13-minute video, which features SKY-HI's theme song "Snatchaway." The game will release worldwide on June 22 for the Play Station 4 and PC via Steam. Rumiko Takahashi's lovable alien Lum Invader is the star of some excellent retro-style merchandise coming to Thank You Marts in Japan next month.

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