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Allure Sensuelle nears the midpoint of Coco and Allure. The density and richness, with the undercurrent of woods and spiced florals does not resemble who she currently became.The spices are reminiscent of Coco's characteristic clove, which is not like real clove but a thing unto itself. Add some earthy florals and a mysterious vanilla, and you have Allure Sensuelle. This used to be the reason I skipped my biased and prejudiced opinion about flankers.I really find patchouli so dynamic in all fragrance categories.

It's one of the last complex fragrances produced in the 21st century; by that I mean it has a long, carefully crafted list of notes working in harmony, as well as a certain 90s sophistication about it. I have the EDP..sure of ther year...I have a feeling it is a newer version..bottle is the same as shown above. she used to be magical, bitchy, hardcore, classy, bossy...I am now really curious how the other Chanel fragrances are going to be. I have some things to say about this one sadly, and what a sad thing it is for me. One spray is enough and every time i wear this I get compliments "Wow that is such a beautiful perfume" "That perfume smells very classy" I have grown to love it and enjoy wearing it on special occasions, definitely not an everyday scent.For this one, I would say, if money did not play a role I would definitely get it! First off, most importantly, it gave me a BAD rash. Sadly this "queen"is now only a sad, paler and tamed version of her former glorious, audacious and nuclear sillage-producing self.Thankfully this one doesn't have the offensive saccharine peachskin note that's become so common in fruity fragrances like The One, etc. Not worth buying more than a 35m L bottle for a discount, but still... Starts of balsamic, quite alluring yes and strong in that patchouli affair. Allure Sensuelle is a contradiction because it is both sexy and yet at the same time comforting. In either cases it is a bedtime fragrance...depending on who you are putting to bed. Very good signature scent that is a little bit mysterious, comforting, warm, clean, just a hint of spice and wood, and you wont smell it on every other women, like coco mademoiselle.As a first step towards my new goal of trying out all Chanel women's fragrances, I sprayed this on in the department store, around 8 hours ago. There is definitely some overlap between this and Coco Mademoiselle (my only other Chanel encounter so far). It smells expensive, spicy, interesting and sophisticated. Where #5 is a power fragrance, Allure Sensuelle on the other hand is mysteriously sexy while at the same time it is a fragrance for cuddling your children while putting them to bed. This is one of the most powerful and intense scents to me.

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