Are jasmine v and jinsu still dating

While Jasmine hasn't seen the baby in person yet, her sweet bf showed her a video of the little girl which immediately caused her to cry. What a sweet anecdote and wonderful post Valentine's Day present. Check out these two sweet videos of the baby and delivery room anxiousness (below)! It basically exposed the true Jinsu for everyone to see. He and his “new friend”, we use quotes because we think Jinsu is using him, released their own version of Crew Love today. They were talking about things that were real for them, and not the normal stuff artists rap and sing about unlike Jinsu.

A fan that lives in New Jersey had tweeted us and told us that they spotted him at the mall as well. Here’s what Rob had to say about it: I’d suggest you don’t go to his page looking for it because like always, – another cry for attention.And if you follow him, you most likely know, almost every tweet is to get attention.This isn’t the first time he has brought someone innocent into his web of lies or cries for attention. People shouldn’t bring up Jasmine, Jasmine’s mom, or Jasmine’s brothers just because you feel like they should stop this.Two days ago he tweeted something about a new project in the works with another artist in Hollywood. And let’s just say she had no idea what was going on when Rob started tweeting her saying that he was gonna start filming with her. After beliebers found out that Rob and Jinsu trespassed Alfredo’s property. Most were tweeting around, and trying to make it aware to Alfredo that he should get some better security around the place. They didn’t need to send their hate towards Jasmine just because she is associated with the two. Here’s what Jasmine had to say about all the hate she was getting.Rob blamed it on a misunderstanding, but it really didn’t seem like that at all. Other Beliebers and some Selenators decided to bring Jasmine into the drama. A few of them tweeted her saying that she should ““, etc. Just when we thought the indirect tweets towards each other was over, You thought wrong. Jinsu was doing what he does best today, which is creating drama.

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