Aspie women dating

I suppose he also believes a man who wears an earring should be left to the girls as well, or he is a fag, or a women who wears mens pants is a butch.

If men want to wear stockings, or nylons, then so be it.

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I enjoy wearing pantyhose and tights their a piece of clothing I love to wear the support they give my legs to the look of my legs when wearing the warmth on cold days I wear all colors and styles.Some countries do have the MANtyhose-trend such as in Australia. I wear pantyhose because I love the way they feel and look on my legs.Yes I like to wear with shorts,when I wear under my levies they feel good they massage my legs.this prior comment is just a show case how many CAVEMEN have survived throughout the years.Fully concur with you, many comments in this forum deserved to be in the PALEOLITHIC MUSEUM.

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