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I need to upgrade my plan from Nationwide 900 to unlimited to avoid overage charges.

I posted questions about it, and the respondents said I should backdate the new plan to the beginning of the billing period.

You do not want to backdate your auto insurance policy. Life insurance is different because by making your policy retroactive by a short period, the insurer isn't taking on any more risk.

It's unlikely that you actually died last month and are faking being alive today so you can cash in on a death benefit. The reason has to do with your age and how it affects the price of your new policy. Your insurance company may use something called your "insurance age" or "insurance birthday" when processing your application.

Or could doing so (backdating such a document) be considered fraud, forgery, or anything illegal, or even for some reason ethically or morally wrong?

It seems to me that it might be legal (assuming that I as the employee were willing to sign it) because as an employee I'd assume that some NDA was in place even if haven't signed one (so it's as if the agreement or meeting of minds was in place even before it was documented).

Backdating your life insurance isn't as useful for younger applicants because the difference in premiums from year to year won't be that wide. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Shelby, Ranking Member Sarbanes, and Members of the Committee: Thank you for inviting me to testify today about options backdating.I appreciate the opportunity to explain the Commission's initiatives to deal with abuses involving the backdating of options.This avoids confusion and ambiguity that could call the enforceability of the contract into question.Some of the issues that arise when back-dating a NDA are: to the extent that it doesn't involve criminality but may render the agreement unenforceable.

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