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(See to read about the effects of a bad forecast.) Now that we have learned how to correctly compute Bayes' Theorem, we can now learn just where it can be applied in financial modeling.

Other, and much more inherently complicated business specific, full-scale examples will not be provided, but situations of where and how to use Bayes' Theorem will.

Changing interest rates can heavily affect the value of particular assets.

The changing value of assets can therefore greatly affect the value of particular profitability and efficiency ratios used to proxy a company's performance.

In other words, if you gain new information or evidence and you need to update the probability of an event occurring, you can use Baye's Theorem to estimate this new probability.

The formula is: P(A) is the probability of A occurring, and is called the prior probability.

(Learn how to analyze the balance sheet in our article, .) So what if one does not know the exact probabilities but has only estimates?

This is where the subjectivists' view comes strongly into play.

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This probability doesn't take into account any information about interest rates, and is the one we wish to update.You can also use your historical beliefs based on frequency to use the model; it's a very versatile model.For this article, we will be using the rules and assertions of the school of thought that pertains to frequency rather than subjectivity within Bayesian probability.If you don't know a lot about probability theory, Bayesian methods probably sounds like a scary topic. While any mathematically based topic can be taken to rather complex depths, the use of a basic Bayesian probability model in financial forecasting can help refine probability estimates using an intuitive process.Bayesian Probability Bayesian probability's application in corporate America is highly dependent on the "degree of belief" rather than historical frequencies of identical or similar events.

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