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Juliette struggles with morning sickness and has to keep excusing herself during tour rehearsals.

Glenn and Emily are concerned so they go snooping around her home to find clues, thinking she is on drugs.

Will gets jumped by two guys in the park and gets called a homophobic slur, Layla tries to write her own songs that aren't mushy love songs, Scarlett befriends a homeless man and Juliette rushes off stage then passes out.

The CMA nominations are announced with Rayna leading with the most nominations; she questions if it's because she is with Luke.

She had guest starring role in the episode dated October 29, 2014 and set to possible recurring return later with major story arc.

Rayna makes a decision on whom to marry; Luke or Deacon.

He tells her that he did by proposing to her but she said no.

Jeff looks to sign a singer named Sadie Stone after being told by his boss that he needs a female on his roster.

Juliette receives shocking news and Layla processes Will's confession about being gay.

The show features an ensemble cast with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere in the leading roles as two country music superstars, Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes.

The episodes are named after country songs from a variety of artists, like Webb Pierce ("That's Me Without You"), Willie Nelson (a number of songs, like "The Storm Has Just Begun") and Loretta Lynn ("You're Lookin' at Country").

She wants to keep her pregnancy discreet and plans to give the baby up for adoption.

Jeff wins a trip to go golfing with Teddy where he butters up to him, and asks about his girls.

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