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That meant the family were not advised of the removal and it only came to light as a result of further examination in this country.

I have to say it is not uncommon for bodies to be returned to this country with body parts missing.

The proposal to amend the fifth schedule of the Companies Act 1981, which lists the annual company taxes incurred by local, exempted and permit companies, used to help improve the Island's regulatory structure, was given the go-ahead by the House of Assembly on Monday.

Earlier this month Finance Minister Paula Cox announced in her Budget statement that company fees would be raised 6.5 percent, effective April 1 this year.

Ariel Sands Beach Club, a unique and lovely Bermuda beach-side Devonshire property since 1954, closed.

A gracious era came to an end but it was hoped a much anticipated re-development phase would commence.

A Bermuda Hospitals Board spokesperson said the missing organs were not retained by BHB.

As we have previously stated, in accordance with regulations, a small number of tissue samples were initially retained with the approval of the coroners officer to ascertain cause of death, but the organs were returned with the deceased to the funeral home in line with BHBs policy.

It also allowed for the provision of additional financial statements prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) by Class 4 insurers.We have every sympathy for the family of Mr Palmer.We have already given detailed evidence in a public court about this matter, at which time our physicians, emergency staff and pathologist were extensively questioned.Ms Bishop, sister of Mr Palmer, said the harrowing mystery of what happened to her brothers body parts still haunted her and her sister-in-law and they had no intention of giving up their search for them.A Bermuda Police Service investigation into the body parts found no evidence of wrongdoing but recommended that the Island consider introducing regulations about permission for retaining body parts.

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