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Adi Shankar is believed to be about 1000 years later to Buddha. If the date for Buddha is moved, the dates for Adi Shankara, Ajatshartu, Shishunga Dynasty, Maurya dynasty etc. Similarly, many ancient events like the end of Vedic age, the start of Kali, the dates for Upanishadas, the dates for the pre-mauryan dynasties etc. Hence fixing the date for MB is important for the history of India.Different dates have been proposed ranging from 5500 BCE to 900 BCE.This is based on the position of planets at the start of Kali Yug.By tradition, the Kali Yug started with the death of Krishna, 36 years after the War.This is also proved by the fact that, the kings like Sudas, Divodasa, Somaka, etc. As the Puranic genealogies are far from complete, the date of 1924 BCE is the lower limit for the MB date.

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These pages are tailored to your particular area, so you can find local information and seek out members who live nearby.Following is a brief summary of this research: Genealogies of different dynasties are recorded in the Puraan.Knowing the date for Maurya Dynasty as 323 BCE, and the list of pre-Mauryan dynasties from the Puraan, the date for the great war comes to 1924 BCE Among the genealogies, Ikshvaku line is the longest, with 93 kings from Manu to Bruhadbala of MB. He is one of the interested candidate for the profile I uploaded And I had accepted his interest as I thought it was suitable too. The next milestone is the era of Buddha and Mahavir, which again defines a new age for Bharat.

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