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The Hebrew Bible states that the United Monarchy collapsed after the death of King Solomon (an event some historians believe occurred around 930 B. After that collapse, two rival Jewish kingdoms popped into existence — Judah (based around Jerusalem), and a kingdom to the north of Jerusalem that retained the name Israel.[Biblical Battles: 12 Ancient Wars Lifted from the Bible] However, whether the United Monarchy actually existed and, if it existed, how large was it, are topics of debate among archaeologists and historians.

Until recently, conservative, Bible-believing scholarship has been in a difficult position. D., has proposed that this apparent disharmony results from a problem in traditional biblical chronology.

"[The house] is located in the highest part of the mound, in an area which dominates large parts of the city as well as agricultural lands and roads below it," and was likely occupied by a senior official, wrote Faust and archaeologist Yair Sapir, in the Radiocarbon article.

Before construction of the house began, a 3,200-year-old chalice was buried in what archaeologists call a foundation deposit.

"Buildings and strata can exist for a few centuries, until they are destroyed, but almost all the finds will reflect this latter event," wrote Faust and Sapir, noting that archaeologists need to be careful to dig down and find the oldest remains of the structures they are excavating so they don't miss remains that could provide clues to the United Monarchy.

Israel Finkelstein, a professor at Tel Aviv University who has written extensively about the United Monarchy debate, expressed skepticism about the results.

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