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She says they are flirty at the office, and she thinks he could possibly be her soulmate. He has been complaining about stomach issues and back pain, so he goes to the doctor. Claire is doing everything she can to help her husband eat healthy, that’s why she is angry when she finds bags and bags …

There is one major issue though, and that is that Grace already has a boyfriend! Read More » A listener is upset with how much her boyfriend has been playing Mine-Craft.

Drew says the text means one thing." DREW PETERSON: "It means there was somebody else that Stacy was involved with as of September out there.

So State Police should be looking at that person too." CRAIG WALL: "Stacy Peterson's family and friends are questioning the timing of this story put out by Drew's attorny and they are calling it part of a smear campaign against Stacy.""Without a body, the average U. citizen would probably tell you that it is impossible," said Daniel Bibb, a former New York assistant district attorney who helped prosecute Dr.

Even her girlfriends are trying to get her to come clean to her fiance about what she has done. That’s why when she finds ladies underwear in his drawer, she is really upset!

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Read More » A listener named Grace has a HUGE crush on one of her coworkers named Evan. Read More » One of our listeners, Claire, is worried about her husbands health.A source says Robinson is suspected of helping Drew move Stacy's vehicle to the Clow Airport near their home the very night she disappeared.""Peterson Says Racy Message Proves Stacy Had Affair" JOEL BRODSKY: "This potentually could be the case cracker." CRAIG WALL: "Drew Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky believes the sexually explict text message sent to Stacy Peterson's phone on September 20th could have come from the man Stacy susposedly ran off with." JOEL BRODSKY: "If the person who sent this text message has also moved away from home and vanished, we now know who Stacy ran off with." CRAIG WALL: "Drew Peterson says he discovered the text message on the phone last month.The phone used to be Stacys but it was given to her son when Stacy got a new one." DREW PETERSON: "There's like 67 text messages on there that he had gotten and the first one was the shocking one." CRAIG WALL: "The phone was turned over to State Police under a search warrant but tracing the sender could be difficult, that's because the message was sent through the Sprint Nextel so there is no phone number to indicate who sent it.Read More » One of our listeners who rides the bus thinks that her friends Fiance is cheating on him. her boyfriend is about to get in a fight, and he’s definitely going to lose.After a little creepy detective work, she decides to confront her bus buddy and tell him what she knows… Her boyfriend is too prideful to call it off so now its up to HER to find a way.

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