Bob jones university policy on interracial dating

The board will appoint a new eight-member board to govern Bob Jones Education Group.The transition process began in late 2014 with a study of how to achieve tax exemption.The change levels the playing field between the university and other sister institutions when applying for grants, he said. Department of Education has targeted for-profit colleges with added oversight in recent years and fined several for-profit networks of colleges under the Obama administration, which resulted in colleges like Corinthian College and ITT Technical Institute closing down.It also moves BJU from a for-profit college to a nonprofit classification with the U. Department of Education, “which is frequently perceived more favorably by the public,” Page said. And though the university operates debt-free and doesn’t plan to take on debt, it could potentially save through lower interest rates if it chose to take on debt, Page said.BJU Press writers also will come under the umbrella of BJU, Inc.The for-profit arm of the university – Bob Jones Education Group, Inc.How BJU will be structured On March 1, Bob Jones University, Inc. and will remain the university’s taxable entity and will donate about half its assets to the non-taxable BJU, Inc.The university’s assets will effectively be split between the two organizations. will include the university and most of its facilities, the art museum, elementary school and child development center.

The issue in the court case was the university’s refusal to allow interracial dating or marriage among students, staff or faculty of the university, a rule it has since abandoned.What it means Until now, if members of the community or alumni wanted to donate to the university, their gifts were only tax deductible if they gave to certain nonprofit arms of the university, such as its scholarship fund, art museum or athletic foundation.Donors couldn’t give tax-deductible gifts to the university itself to help with capital campaigns or for university initiatives.“It helps when you’re trying to raise money for an organization to have a tax-exempt status,” Page said.“That obviously helps your advancement folks, your development folks and those in the community – companies, individuals, alumni – to make it easier to donate to a nonprofit.” The change wouldn’t affect students’ scholarships or grants and wouldn’t affect employees, he said.

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