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Failure to comply with this minimum limit will result in cancellation of the visa.= Download the Brazil Immigration and Relocation Megapack here Other cases Non-business applicants for permanent residence visas will normally fall into one of the following categories: Researcher or high level specialist The applicant must supply: Retiree The applicant must be officially retired and must apply to the Brazilian Consulate nearest his or her place of normal residence.

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The process is handled by the Brazilian Federal Police, by the Ministry of Justice but it may also involve the Ministry of Labor, depending on the situation.

But for some reason, when alcohol entered into his life, his family decided to take this approach, and kept him locked up for all this time.'Ederson Silva, a childhood friend of Armando, said: 'Whenever we asked about him they always said they same thing, no, he's living in the northeast, he's well, he's working, he's building his family there.

That's all they said to us.'Armando's father Amancio de Andrade denied the allegations, claiming that his son left home aged 18 and returned last week, and asked him to lock him in the room as he wanted to get clean from drug addiction.

This kind of permanent visa is issued conditionally for three years.

Notes on process In the above cases, the application must be initiated in Brazil, via the Ministry of Labor, in much the same way as an application for a temporary residence business visa.

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