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Later in 2007, he became the star of The CW series, Reaper as Sam Oliver.Harrison's character appears throughout Season 2 (2011) as an evolutionary biologist and eventual member of the counter-visitor resistance.Reaper was canceled on May 19, 2009, after two seasons.Harrison starred as Jerry in a short film titled Cost of Living co-starring Brandon Routh.BH: Oh, when I knew that I was doing a FOX, single-camera, half-hour comedy, that’s the only thing that went through my head.

With experience under his belt as a child actor in regional theatrical productions, and a burning desire to be the next Tom Hanks, Harrison graduated from high school ahead of schedule and made a beeline from Oregon to Los Angeles, where reportedly within several months he secured representation...div.ff-cont-side .ff-cont-wrapper .ff-cont-main .ff-cont-side .ff-detail-scrollable .ff-cont-side .ff-edit .ff-fact-box .ff-fact-box .fact, .ff-fact-box div.ff-cont-main .alert.alert-box .ff-block-content p .ff-cont-side h2 { border-radius:0; text-align: center; width: 42%; text-overflow:ellipsis; overflow:hidden; color:white !I’m interviewing Bret Harrison on a “Breaking In” set decorated to resemble San Diego’s Comic-Con. You could almost equate it to the Alec Baldwin/Tina Fey relationship on “30 Rock.” I think those boss/employee, father/son, dominant/not-dominant…BH: I think what draws me to it…BH: The biggest draw for this show, is that it’s really original in the fact that it’s a half-hour action-comedy.Tell me if I’m missing one, but there’s not one half-hour, single-camera comedy where there’s a caper once a week.

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