Business cards dating

These cards are actually a sneaky way to brag about yourself without being an a-hole about it.

It introduces some kind of interesting skill that you’re good at and, even better, suggests that you actually or are a personal tutor of some kind. For instance, suppose you enjoy sailboating and you DO in fact own a small sailboat that you like to putter around the local harbor with on weekends.

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So as business people we get business cards because we are hoping that we can land that first date with our prospects.

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to a girl: “I couldn’t help but notice you sitting there deep in thought (or whatever she’s doing), and I thought I’d take a chance that you might be free to meet me for a cup of coffee or have lunch sometime… You never know how these things can shake out, but you’ve got to take some kind of action to get the ball rolling, it won’t roll on its own. The idea is to use this commonly accepted communication tool in a new and different way that is enticing to women because it gives you a chance to show off your stuff in a way that gives you: 1) an instant boost of credibility, and 2) an exciting thing to do on a first date. (It also gives you something to do with your hands rather than fidget around nervously).Here’s what you do: make up a custom business card like the one shown below which proclaims that you give sailboating lessons: Sail Boating Lessons Capt.Mike Quint Text: 555-1234 e-mail: [email protected]: Mike Quint Twitter: @sharkhunter123 Include as little or as many channels as you wish for her to get in touch with you.*I was at a bar recently and ran into a guy I've talked to several times before (we have mutual friends). He flirted with me throughout the night (he repeatedly touched my arm, maintained strong eye contact, etc.) and I flirted back. But he's either trying to impress you with his business card (note to guys: never impressive), letting you know he has gainful employment at a bank, law firm, Chili's etc. Or he is too chicken to just give you his number or ask for yours; that's the lame option.

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