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If the abrasion is only on the skin first layer, leave the wound open without padding after applying antiseptic cream/solution for faster healing. Make sure you wash your hands before cleaning a wound to avoid transferring more dirt to the cut.- Wipe away from the wound when removing dirt and other particles that may be in the wound.- Washing the wound use soap and water, but do not scrub because that may do more damage.- Apply direct pressure with a clean dry cloth or sterile gauze bandage, while elevating limb (if possible) above the heart.

This will slow bleeding and help a clot to form.- If bleeding is spurting out of wound or bleeding continues heavily after pressure has been applied for 5-10 minutes stitches may be needed, so go to the hospital and have the wound checked out by doctor as soon as possible.- If the bleeding slows, cover the wound with a clean bandage.- Apply a thin layer of antibacterial ointment to the wound first, to protect against infection.- If the wounds are on the hands or feet avoid using these ointments after the first day.

In most cases, only a few of the symptoms will be present, and many do not appear for some time.1.

Common Symptoms- Pale, cold, clammy and moist skin- Vacant or dull eyes, dilated pupils- Anxiety, restlessness, and fainting- Weak, rapid, or absent pulse- Nausea and vomiting- Shallow, rapid, and irregularbreathing- Excessive thirst- Person may seem confused- Look tired and fatigue2. Hypovolemic Shock:• Brought on by a decrease in the amount of blood vessels or other fluids in the body.• Cause by excessive bleeding from internal and external injuries, fluid loss due to diarrhea, burns, dehydration, and severe

Make sure the wound is kept clean and dry while it heals.- Caution:o Apply only a thin layer of ointment to ensure the best protection.o Always apply the ointment with a clean swab or gauze.

Applying ointment from the tube may contaminate the tube and put future wounds at risk.o Make sure to wash the wound before applying fresh ointment.o When applying fresh bandages make sure your hands are clean and the bandage remains sterile.

SHOCKShock happens when the heart and blood vessels are unable to pump enough oxygen-rich blood to the vital organs of the body.Laceration:o These are jagged irregularly shaped cuts or tears in the skin.Most lacerations are serious and require stitches, because of heavy bleeding.o Chances of infection depend on the size, cause, and depth of the laceration. Punctures:o Puncture wounds are caused by an object piercing the skin.o These wounds range from minor to severe and should often be looked at by a doctor.o Because the wound penetrates the skin (and in some cases, several layers of skin) they are often difficult to clean and infections are common.o If bone puncture is suspected, visit doctor as soon as Abrasiono Abrasion happen when layer of skin loose due to continuous friction on the skin.o The skin outer layer loose and exist several drop of bloods or body fluid on the injured area.Treatment Abrasion Treatment:- Clean the skin with water and soap to rid of any foreign object embedded on the wound (Don’t scrub)- Put antiseptic cream /solution.- Cover the whole area using padding or plaster .

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