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A senior investigator insisted Tuesday that alleged offenders won’t be able to hide behind their rank.“These are serious and significant charges under the Criminal Code of Canada,” Lt.-Col.

Francis Bolduc, commanding officer of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, said in a statement.“Regardless of a member’s rank and role in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service works diligently and independently from the Canadian Armed Forces chain of command to protect individuals from those who violate the law,” he said.

Five members of 1 Airborne Field Squadron were also made Members of the Order of Military Merit.

Their work had involved reconstruction and repair duties, as well as the clearance of mines and creation of safe lanes through minefields.

The remainder of the Canadian Airborne were deployed to Cyprus as the UN forces tried to establish a cease-fire.

On , Colonel Lessard, the Commanding Officer of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, established a heavy patrol schedule, along with re-establishment of UN observation posts and where necessary the removal of both Greek and Turkish roadblocks.

Airborne and amphibious operations (including 1,000 Turkish paratroopers) landed Turk soldiers near Nicosia and Kyrenia; Greek forces used the positions of the United Nations peacekeepers to shield themselves while conducting defensive operations, and UN observation posts were necessarily abandoned as Turkish forces opened fire on them.

The Airborne soldiers, with British support, took command of the international airport to deny further troop movement, then intervened with patrols to prevent escalation of the conflict.

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Eventually, two Stars of Courage and six Medals of Bravery were awarded for actions during this operation.On , a new invasion by the Turks began to actively target the UN soldiers; after two days a ceasefire was established with both Greeks and Turks preparing defensive positions.The Airborne continued their patrols, between the soldiers of both sides, as well as assisting with aid to civilian refugees and the prisoner of war exchanges between the two sides.Military investigators allege the offences occurred between 19 in Edmonton while Stalker was a mentor with a local army cadet group.The investigation began on April 27, 2015 when a complaint was filed with the military police.

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