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) wanted to make a third movie, Kim Cattrall just won't do it.This is because, again, depending on whom you believe, she wants money or she just doesn't feel like making the movie.Speaking with Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, she even said Parker “could have been nicer” during the fallout. ”She went on: “There’s a period of grief, a mourning process.Now, the Carrie actress has hinted that she is open to pushing on without Cattrall involved.“Im sure you’d [Ellen] play Samantha,” she joked. “And then perhaps we’ll be able to consider - for instance - you playing Samantha!Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.

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But some time after the sequel, it seems, things came to a breaking point, because as much as fans (and creators!Cynthia Nixon and Kirstin Davis are also thought to be up for returning. well, the third one isn't happening, but the drama surrounding it is endless and ongoing. Basically, stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall never got along very well, due to, depending whom you believe, Cattrall's diva-ness, Parker's mean girl-ness, or, in all likelihood, the fact that sometimes people aren't best friends.And leading on from the Canadian actress’ scathing comments, which made headlines in La La Land, one of SJP’s best friends, Andy Cohen, has now waded into the row and come to her defense. I don’t get it.’ The popular Bravo host went on to explain that he wasn’t too pleased with how certain people ‘were characterizing this as a cat fight’.Speaking on his Radio Andy show, TV presenter and producer Andy Cohen expressed his disbelief at what had happened, before backing Jessica over speculating the two were involved in a bitter war by saying there was ‘only one person fighting’, namely, Kim. He added: ‘There’s only one person fighting here.’ Clearly backing his friend, Andy made his feelings perfectly clear, saying: ‘Sarah only said the nicest things about her [Kim].

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