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I've been here for about four years now and I love every moment. I love teen chat I've met so many gr8 new ppl from all over Australia and the world... The ppl on teen chat are also understanding for when you've gone through something bad they help and chat to you...

That’s why it’s important to not try to deal with depression by yourself.

x DI've been here for a little too long, but I've enjoyed my time none the less.

Made a lot of great friends in TPC, even met a few of them offline. You, Lola, and Cait are my girls, and I'm so lucky I have you all to talk to when I get on, everyday.

In other words, it’s not just ‘feeling down for a couple of days’, and it isn’t completely caused by recent emotional trauma.

In addition, in order to be classified ‘officially’ as depression, at least one of the first two conditions must be present.

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    You can talk about any topic which are legal to speak without abusing others.