Chris brown and angela dating

While CB's caption does imply that their relationship is professional, a ton of fans have already taken to social media to debate Breezy's love life.If Chris Brown and Agnez Mo are really dating, then I hope she’s genuinely there to learn with him, grow with him, love him, and etc.There is still hope for that kid if he wants it, but I don’t see him changing at this point. Chris wants Rihanna back because he can’t have her.If she went back to him it would be more of the same, but she seems to have more sense than that.

[From The Sun] Rihanna gave Chris another chance after he beat her so severely she had to miss a performance at the most important awards show in her industry the next day. The kid did not change at all, and I sensed much more shame and sincerity from Kanye West for interrupting someone at an awards show than I got from Chris for beating the crap out of the woman he professed to love.Not to seek opportunities out his name like Jacob York and Karrueche did him...Since early last month, Chris Brown and Agnez Mo (previously known as Agnes Monica) were rumoured to be dating one another after they collaborated on the track, “On Purpose”.He later added:: “Sorry all, just one of those days.” The Kiss Kiss hitmaker recently opened up about the attack in an interview with LARRY KING.Brown admitted he found it “hard” not being able to contact his former girlfriend and deeply regretted the incident which took place after a pre-Grammys party in February.

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