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Marque aquí para ver el pdf folleto: Fe para aquellos que Dios ha llamado y escogido. Exodus sermons include Exodus 1-4: Jewish Myths or Lessons for Christians Today? Here is a related article in the Spanish language: ¿Cuándo fue el Éxodo? Also: Reasons, Proofs, and Ramifications of the Ten Plagues of Exodus What do you know about these plagues? Related sermons are available Exodus 1-4: Jewish Myths or Lessons for Christians Today? , and the Greatest Commandments, Matthew 24: Temple Destruction, Sorrows, Tribulation, and the Return of Jesus, and Matthew 25-28: Midnight Cry, False Christians, Resurrection, & Teaching what Jesus Taught. Here is a link to it in Mandarin Chinese y˜ßv„‘͉`'. Is there proof outside of the Bible that there was an Exodus? Also: Exodus and the Days of Unleavened Bread This article discusses parts of the Book of Exodus with some connections to the Days of Unleavened Bread.

Marcus is claimed to have been the 16th bishop of Jerusalem, but did he get his position from faithfulness or politcal compromise? God's Grace is For All Is being Jewish a hindrance to salvation? Here is a: link to Lesson 4: How to Study the Bible. People Elijah: Past and Prophesied Information about the original Elijah and some information about the Elijah-related prophecies. The Apostle Paul He was a later apostle, but also an early Christian leader. A related sermon is available online and is titled: Church of God Ceremonies. Here is a link to a related sermon titled Race and Grace; Do you view race as God does? Study the Bible Course Want to learn more about the Bible? Here is a: link to Lesson 3: Christ Will Stop World Suicide! Here is a link to it in Mandarin Chinese {, NN*ŒŠTŒWúwc_’v„aTs Christian courage vs. Faith for Those God has Called and Chosen What is faith? REVELATION This is a link to a sermon covering words Jesus spoke as recorded in the Book of Revelation and in first and second Corinthians: Revelation: Jesus’ Final Words. Here is a link to a version in Mandarin Chinese: Real Conversion Many think that they are converted Christians. Read the Bible Christians should read and study the Bible. Armstrong wrote this as a booklet on this important subject. What is the Appropriate Form of Biblical Interpretation? What do the writings of the Bible, Origen, Herbert W. Bible and Historical Resources on the Internet Electronic bibles, , early Christian literature, photos, and even links to old Herbert W. Here is a link to a related sermon titled Apostle John: The Disciple that Jesus Loved. Do you know what the Bible and other accounts teach about him? Here is a link to Study the Bible Course: Test 1, for Lessons 1-4.), Tagalog (KURSO SA PAG-ARAL NG BIBLYA), and Spanish (Lección 1 En castellano). Is the biblical and historical evidence for or against? Was Peter the Rock Who Alone Received the Keys of the Kingdom? The Apostle Peter He was an original apostle and early Christian leader. The Apostle John He was an original apostle, early Christian leader, and the last of the original apostles to die. Nicodemus was a Pharisee who lived at the time of Jesus.

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