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The consolidation of the tax returns of an affiliated group includes consolidating the group's regular income tax, the alternative minimum tax, the accumulated earnings tax, and any tax credits, including the foreign tax credit.Even though the corporate parent acts as the group's agent in regards to filing the consolidated Form 1120 and paying the federal tax liability, each company that was an affiliate during any part of the year maintains liability for the entire federal income tax of the group.Generally, affiliated groups may elect to file consolidated returns in lieu of separate returns. Affiliated groups are groups of “includible corporations” which are connected through stock ownership with a common parent which is an includible corporation. Generally accepted accounting principles () requires corporations and their controlled subsidiaries to file consolidated financial statements, since consolidated statements give a better financial status of the companies.However, the GAAP requirement is that the controlling corporation must own only at least 50% of the voting power of a subsidiary's stock rather than the 80% required by the tax code.Thereafter, the affiliated group is referred to as a consolidated group.The consolidated group exists as long as the parent corporation satisfies the 80% rule for at least 1 subsidiary.

Other companies can join the group later, without having to file Form 1122.A consolidated tax return reports the income or loss of the parent for the entire year but only a portion of the year for which any affiliate belonged to the group is reported on the consolidated return.If any affiliate had an existence apart from the group during a portion of the tax year, then that portion must be reported separately on the company's own Form 1120.Hence, the taxable income of the group is unchanged.However, if an intercompany transaction affects CTI, then there is a matching rule that requires one of the members to adjust its income, deduction, gain, or loss in such a way that there is no effect on CTI.

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