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Elsewhere, the competition to electrify New Orleans was fierce.Electric lighting had been introduced there at the 1884 Cotton Centennial Exposition, but high costs, fear and unreliability were obstacles to electrifying the city.In the early 1900s, nine separate electric companies competed in New Orleans.Nearly all were small, isolated generators that served limited areas, operated on different voltages and used various kinds of equipment. Electric Bond and Share – The Competition Sidney Mitchel worked for Electric Bond and Share Company, which was owned by General Electric.The Louisiana Power Company was formed so Couch could take full advantage of the abundant supply of natural gas found in northern Louisiana.In November 1925, Couch’s Sterlington generating station was placed online. Louis, its 30,000 kilowatt capacity was owned by three companies: Arkansas Light and Power, Mississippi Power and Light, and Louisiana Power Company. Harvey Parnell of Arkansas said, “Harvey Couch has done more to develop these three states – Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi – than any other man.” Couch’s goal of an integrated electric system was becoming a reality.

By the early 1920s Mitchel had acquired all the electrical service in New Orleans and was expanding in other places including Little Rock and Memphis.

The Electric Power and Light Corporation was no exception.

Then MP&L president Rex Brown described company operations during the era: “Stockholders had to be continually assured that their investments were safe.

He moved to Chicago to build a multilevel utility organization that included holding companies, which held other holding companies.

The profit-taking opportunities inherent in his pyramid scheme set off a national acquisition craze.

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