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Continue reading “After a Golden Decade, Can Latin America Keep Its Luster?” »We're one month into 2013, and if past experience is any guide, by now many people will have all but forgotten the promises they made about the things they planned to do over the coming year.In the last couple of years Brazil’s growth slowed down.Although other emerging market economies experienced a similar slowdown, the growth outturns in Brazil were particularly disappointing.This will help rebuild fiscal buffers and cope with the costs of aging. Our new analysis takes a closer look at the historical record and key trade-offs.The bottom line: it is possible to reduce debt when growth is low. Continue reading “Taming government debt—it can be done, but it ain’t easy” »By Krishna Srinivasan The UK economy is a long way from a strong and durable recovery.And, as bringing down debt by cutting government spending or raising taxes comes at the risk of reducing growth and employment in the short term, there are arguments to not proceed too hastily.

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Compared to where we were at the same time last year, acute risks have decreased. Overall, these developments lead us to forecast 3.5 percent world growth for 2013.Continue reading “Recovery Strengthening, but Much Work Remains” »By Martin Kaufman and Mercedes García-Escribano (Version in Español and Português) Since the early 2000s, Brazil’s economy has grown at a robust clip, with growth in 2010 reaching 7.5 percent—its strongest in a quarter of a century.A key pillar of its hard-won economic success has been sound economic policies and the adoption of far-reaching social programs, which resulted in a substantial decline in poverty.We are mourning a colleague, a friend to many of us, above all a dedicated civil servant who represented the best the Fund has to offer, and gave his life in the line of duty, helping the Afghan people.Our hearts go out to his family and to the many victims of this brutal attack.

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