Consolidating student loans from canada

Green Path is a non-profit, credit counseling organization that has been helping customers get out of debt since 1961.They offer free debt counseling and specialize in helping people eliminate credit card debt.Country Wide Debt Relief has several options for debt relief, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling services.They help people facing financial hardships, including people facing bankruptcy.Country Wide Debt Relief has over 30 years of combined experience helps consumers find solutions to getting out of debt.

With a reputation for honesty and transparency, New Era Debt Solutions provides fast service and expert negotiation.Freedom Debt Relief is a credit advocacy company founded in 2002 by Stanford Business School graduates.Freedom Debt Relief employs over 1,300 people who work with over 300,000 clients to help them reduce debt.When combined with debt negotiation (also known as debt settlement), debt consolidation helps consumers save substantial amounts of money, develop a workable budget, pay off debt and save money for retirement.Debt counselors offer a variety of services in local offices, online or over the phone to help with a debt consolidation plan.

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