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Do you travel the web and find a glut of information?

Drawing is not about information, it is about Wy sends best wishes for your holidays.

Wherever you are on the best globe in the universe have a safe and creative time. to the young and the young at heart at the beginning of a promising new decade.

The New Renaissance has begun on the world wide web and will grow on yet unimagined media.

Then he received a call to say there was one – did the prince want it? In the principality we like the passion and depth of oil paint and choose it because it is slow drying and may be worked into. Around the world at this instant there are artists, young and old, living fully in the moment of creation. 30 4 2011: Unable to be in London, The Serene Family watched the ceremony in Westminster Cathedral, as did a billion other people around the globe, via the magic window of television, at The Principality of Wy. The prince was amused by the queries from overseas commentators; “Are those horses real?

Acrylic paint is wonderful too especially for murals. ” and, “Do they hire those men to dress up as soldiers?

It has been said that all an artist needs is praise.

Those who take the trouble to dress up beautifully deserve praise too. As The Artists’ Principality we believe in the level playing field of “the aristocracy of heart and mind”.

In the Antipodes (Australia) it is high summer, the cicadas are singing and the beach is the place to be.It seems now, that for the first time, we are thinking of ways we can preserve our planet.The Principality of Wy respectfully remembers the anniversary of the magnitude 9 earthquake and Tsunami that struck the north eastern coast of Japan.Wy suspects that among the great works of the new decade will be home made video masterworks, Maybe coming from your place —-Who knows, is it possible that your movie will create a warm glow of appreciation on Planet Wy that is visible from outer space..Dear Artists and Costume Players, A magnificent cape and gown was given to P P of W for Christmas. I can hardly wait to more closely examine the particularly attractive shade of green in the train and the amazing abundant (non rabbit) fluffy bits make me even feel more like one of the family.

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