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The MTV EMAs go with a bang, a pyrotechnic boom and many, many screams.As the clock strikes midnight we head for the Sony-BMG aftershow party. "Just nice." Will-I-Am phoned Daniel's answering machine on Natasha's mobile and leaves a cheery message.Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles. More music MP3 download song lyrics: , What About the Baby Lyrics, So Long Lyrics, Snow queen Lyrics, Black Coffee Lyrics, Juliet Lyrics, Here She Comes Lyrics, Para Los Rumberos Lyrics, Fractal Zoom Lyrics, Farewell My Friend Lyrics, Apesar De Voce Lyrics, Science Guys Lyrics, Hidden Lands Lyrics.They bellow at lung-bursting volume to attract her direct gaze. Behind her, on the left, are a gang of panting, salivating Italian youths, shoving pens and bits of paper her way. There are moments when I step outside myself and go, 'Man ... I see their surprise at my life: I'm in a car everywhere, I'm going on private jets, I have all these amazing clothes, and things like that."She called up her brother, three-years-in-pop veteran Daniel, and left him a message: "Why didn't you tell me it would be this hard? " Then she said: "Oh yeah, you did, ha ha." That was a joke, see: she was prepared. "That's the advantage I have."Like any new, finely tuned product, she was prepared in other ways - by stylists, by media training, by six months spent recording her album in Los Angeles and London last year with people who, variously, had written songs for divas such as Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Robbie Williams. She works on songs on an i Book that Daniel gave her. Trying out songs in her spare time in studios in Greenwich and Lewisham, near the family home. She's currently number one in New Zealand; her Kiwi granddad has just texted to say everyone on the other side of the world knows who Natasha is. The Belgians (number 15), the Swiss (number 24) and the refusenik Czechs (number 42) are going to need a little help. In one fell swoop 120 million households in 48 countries can, potentially, be reached."Who are your fans?In front of her, the photographers yell filthy abuse when one of her entourage gets in the way of the shot. She dropped out of her university degree after a year because it was getting in the way of her music-making. "These Words" has also reached number two in Germany and Austria. Meanwhile the French aren't doing themselves any favours: number 59 just isn't good enough. " I ask her."I have been happily surprised when I've gone around and seen who is in my audiences," she replied brightly.

Ask her how she felt about her and Daniel becoming the first siblings to have a British number one each and she says with ready jollity, "I thought I was ... ' I used to have the Guinness Book of Records at home and read it and love that. "The most asked question is, 'Oh, so, isn't it easier because you've got a brother? ' But the fact that there aren't [other] brothers and sisters who've had a number one shows that it is really hard. And who in mass-market pop music has anything incisive to stay?Daniel Bedingfield (born December 3, 1979 in New Zealand) is an English-New Zealand singer-songwriter and talent contest judge whose pop music career started in 2001 with the single "Gotta Get Thru This".In 2012, Bedingfield became a judge on the New Zealand series of The X Factor.The Valhalla has been plopped down in the Ippodromo Tor di Valle grandstand on the outskirts of the Italian capital.Bedingfield is nominated for the Best UK and Ireland Act (up against Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Jamelia and The Streets; she won't win). Kylie Minogue has entered the red carpet and is proceeding apace. Hot on her heels is US comedy rocker Kid Rock and a giant-breasted dwarf companion, some of Eminem's D12 group, Franz Ferdinand, Sarah Michelle Gellar (the evening's hostess) and a lanky bloke who, it turns out, is ace skateboarder Tony Hawk. Bedingfield isn't quite massive in Italy yet, but everyone around her is working on this.

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