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If the data adapter encounters duplicate columns while populating a Data Table, it generates names for the subsequent columns, using the pattern "columnname1", "columnname2", "columnname3", and so on. From the following program you can understand how to use Data Adapter.

Identify your Software’s Unique Features that work with the Hardware Configurations. 1.2 Importance of Modeling, Four principles of Modeling Object Modeling 2.1 Objects and Classes (Object Diagrams, Attributes, Operations and Methods), Links, Associations and Advanced Concepts (General Concepts, Multiplicity, Link Attributes, Association as a Class, Roll names, Ordering, Qualification, Aggregation). If the statement does exist in memory, Oracle Database can reuse it and skip the task of parsing and optimizing the statement.Using bind variables makes the statement reusable with different input values.Using bind variables also improves query performance in the database, eliminates the need for special handling of literal quotation marks in the input, and protects against SQL injection attacks.The following code shows a typical contains a client copy of the database data.

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