Dating a girl with borderline personality disorder asian dating interracial woman

The most important tool is not to internalize the person's behavior, or take it too personally. People with borderline personality disorder aren't fully aware of their behavior and the effect on other people.

Try to be as sympathetic as you can, but maintain appropriate boundaries to protect yourself.

For example, when a person with BPD learns he/she has won a game in tennis, he or she might rant about the opponent instead of just enjoying the victory. People with this disorder often become paranoid and imagine that people are "colluding" against them.] 9) These people act impulsively and in self-damaging ways, for example, engaging in compulsive sex, binge-eating or gambling.

Because of this, BPD can often be confused with other personality disorders, such as histrionic personality disorder.

However, the complexity of BPD became very clear when I volunteered to go with her to help her interpret the results after her uterine cancer was removed.

She was scheduled to get a follow-up visit with her ob-gyn doctor, but she was so terrified of what she'd hear that she couldn't bring herself to go.

You may be encountering a person with borderline personality disorder if you confront this type of behavior: 1) You are idealized sometimes as the greatest person alive, while at other times you are seen as the worst person.

5) The person is intensely reactive to situations or events that most people would just ignore or brush off.

My patient's reaction to the positive news about her cancer is a good example.

People with BPD often have skewed views of people, whether they be acquaintances or people that are an everyday part of their lives. The person doesn't truly understand who he or she really is, so he or she tries on different behaviors.

It is not uncommon for them to be distant, authoritative, friendly or hostile with the same person in the same day.

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