Dating a junkie

A Narcissists lack of impulsive control and need for immediate gratification will often result in dodgy financial loans or scamming love ones for money.

“She told me she had a life threatening medical condition and there was a radical new treatment in California.

I leant her the money and she stopped all contact – she then posted pictures of a shopping spree in Paris.” ex Narcissist dater.

Do they constantly expect special treatment and act as if people should roll out the red carpet for them everywhere they go?

In the early days of dating many lavish attention on new prey but watch out for a growing disconnect, and because of their insatiable need to feel relevant, don’t be surprised if every tweet and Facebook post is responded to – even in the middle of lovemaking.

Narcissists are not team players and don’t understand the concept of “Taking turns”.

But continue to get more attention and advancement and they’ll quickly have you second guessing your worth and capabilities.If your partner seems to always know a way to circumvent restrictions and regulations and thinks laws are made for everyone else – get out quick to avoid being implicated in some get rich quick pyramid scheme.Narcissists are fiercely competitive and expect all praise to be directed straight to their own shiny countenance.They also can’t abide events that diminish their status – like losing in sport or failing to get a promotion.Expect a grand inquisition, or worse, appalling behavior that makes two-year-old tantrums look like 30 minutes of zen mediation.

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