Dating a man with fear of commitment

I didn’t even realize he was a commitment phobe until well later in the relationship. For example, I couldn’t argue with him because he would say I was being overbearing and that would give him cause to break up with me.

The real truth came out when we were talking about marriage. However, in the end he couldn’t commit to it, said he wasn’t ready for that step, and he left. The most undetectable sign I want you to be aware of is when you are not able to be yourself around him.

You might not wake up the morning after sex to hear him say, “I don’t think this is going to work.” Your guy might be more subtle about it.

My ex-boyfriend of about six years ago was that kind.

He said no, of course not, and offered to come and let me cry on his shoulder.

You probably don’t even realize you’re doing it, either. It was casual, we sometimes hung out as friends, but most often not.

If you have not met any of his friends and you’ve been dating for a few months, then be wary.

The reason commitment phobes don’t introduce you to their friends is because they hate to hear the “You’re an assh*le” comments from their buddies after you’ve been dumped.

You see, although not all men are commitment phobes, most are definitely going to hesitate to introduce you to their mom. In general, when a man introduces you to his family, it’s a very big deal. He wasn’t a commitment phobe; his mom was just weird with the idea of her grown up son dating (yeah, I didn’t get it either).

Not only is he claiming you as his and his alone, but he’s saying that he’s no longer on the market either. On the other hand, if you’ve been dating a guy for a reasonable amount of time and haven’t met his family, then there’s a chance he’s a commitment phobe.

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