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i have a lot to offer and if someone rules me out based on a situation that is the result of a previous relationship then that is a form of stereotyping? I believe most were thinking I was at vulnerable state, and an easy lay. I wasn't looking for that I had come to terms that it was over, and I was moving on.

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well i am seperated but that doesnt mean that i am a bad dating option. Heres the thing, people, other then us pof people, do research on this stuff...divorce,dating,sex etc. Some need longer and some not as long, but im sticking with this one yr. Also I think getting serious about someone and NOT asking or knowing about their past is stupid!i can understand that that can be considered baggage but doesn't everyone have some to some extent? They meet a nice guy who dispells their beliefs in men (#4) but nice guy doesn't want to date them for a long term relationship.6. And then repeats steps #2 - 8.conclusion: keep away or never get into this too seriously :)by the way as i saw word "date" mostly mean "meet somebody and if there any kind of atraction - get sex as soon as posible but without any obligation".excuse me if i'm wrong. These supposed experts say that it is best to wait at least one full year after your divorce is FINAL before dating. Those who fail to study history are destined to repeat it! I joined here about 4 months after I filed for divorce, prior we were separated about 9 months. I had no intentions what so ever of going back to my ex.just because im seperated doesnt mean that i have issues that haven't been resolved; thus the reason im getting a divorce. They continue pestering the nice guy to a very annoying and obnoxious degree in hopes that he will change his mind (He won't).7. This was my way of getting my feet wet so to speak. I received alot of emails from separated (and some divorced) guys who wanted to "be there for me, offering an ear or shoulder".You have to know the details of the separation before you can judge whether the woman is ready or not.JJI would not date anyone separated or newly divorced, that’s asking for problems...

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