Dating a professor

The reason why the lonely, homesick freshmen drank so much, someone had discovered, was because they felt so shy and inhibited, they would not have been able to fornicate with strangers without the help of alcohol.

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In a world where we can all hide behind our computer screens and smartphones, looking an attractive person in the face and asking him or her to have a coffee somewhere with you can feel very awkward.

Kerry told me of a young man who had gone to a young woman’s apartment in the middle of the afternoon and found a stripper’s pole set up in the living room. The young man told Kerry that he didn’t know how he felt about that. We were also keenly interested in the plight of other unwilling singles.

Soon after meeting Kerry, I began writing a blog about being happy as a Catholic single. It wasn’t published until I got married, which made interviews awkward.

student, so there is no present power dynamic, conflict of interest or anything like that.

However, you should be prepared for those in your department to find out that you are dating a former student, which could create a certain amount of push back.

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