Dating a vintage singer sewing machine brian krause dating

That said, if I had a studio full of modern machines I would most likely not get the same type of attention, so it certainly helps collecting older machines.

It’s something that goes hand in hand with learning about vintage garments – you need to understand the machines that made them if you want your own garments to look as good.

Do keep in mind that the machine and cabinet may not have been sold together and that the machine could be older or newer than the cabinet itself. If your sewing cabinet has a treadle, this likely makes it older; however, treadles are still in production.

Most denim designers all end up the same–obsessed and in love with sewing machines.

If you are thinking about opening a denim studio – then this list should get you on the correct path, especially if you’re thinking about making jeans the 1950s way.

I’m sure my fellow denim connoisseurs will add / comment to this as there are for sure plenty I have missed!

The love affair with machines started for me five years ago when I decided to start sewing again after a ten-year hiatus.

Most trained designers can sew, we are taught pattern cutting, draping and tailoring.

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