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She has also appeared in several mainstream movies and shows.

The inimitable Ron Jeremy, with his trademark moustache, has acted in 2216 movies and directed 285 adult films.

She quit acting in porn in 2008, but continues to keep that bank balance high by operating her website, production company, and other business ventures.

Maria is a Japanese actress who started her career as a model before going on to do roles in adult TV shows, where she would usually play the role of a charlatan seducing married men.

In fact, some of the richest adult actors in the world today don't even make their money from smashing uglies, they make it from their own businesses and products, such as sex toys, books and other things they put their name on. Porn legend turned webcam model and entrepreneur Jenna Jameson is known as the queen of the genre.

Her massive net worth is due to the wide range her brand is associated with, including books, memorabilia and other products.

Mike admits that he was nervous when he had to tell his mother about Allie’s profession – not knowing how she would respond.

He said: “I called my mom and I left her a message and said, ‘Hey, I’ve actually been dating this girl and I’ve got to tell you something’.

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