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I would watch and listen carefully to see how they reacted. If we start talking about it, then those who might not ask for help because of the shame associated with suicide might do so.We also have to let a person (who we think is at risk) know what our life would be like without him or her in it.Not once did I get a negative reaction about ME because my husband took his own life.Yes, they felt extremely bad for me having to cope with that type of loss, but I never felt that they thought I was the issue. So, after a while, I used telling about the circumstances of my husband’s death as a little secret test I gave my dates. I’m on a mission to eradicate the taboo associated with that type of death.

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When logic fails to supply any answers, guilt and self-blame are always there as alternatives.

Thus, we must try to make the best decisions with the information that is in front of us at the moment, along with what we have learned from our experiences.

The survivor’s guilt is compounded by the fact that a person’s emotional and rational minds do not travel along parallel highways.

Accordingly, the following “I” statements are commonly heard."These questions, and similar ones, are asked in the quest for the survivor to make sense of this irrational act.

He/she attempts to apply logic to the situation, or look for a cause-and-effect, because that is how we, as humans, understand and bring order to our world.

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