Dating assholes

In other words, there’s some evidence that attractive people are more likely to be “jerks” (i.e.

Department of Psychology, Florida State University. Personality and Social Psychology 2011 Feb;100(2):295-308.. For one thing, science suggests Adonises tend to be assholes.

What’s not normal is being an ass clown in the first place.

And…and that’s what I hope to prove in this post through a series of logical arguments.

The stereotype that men think with their reproductive parts may be a generalization, but it also hints at an answer. But while “jerks” might be good for a few dates or even the occasional tryst, research suggests they don’t typically make the cut as spouses.

As for guys who date selfish, unreliable, or emotionally immature women? So it’s possible that people are more likely to prefer a good-looking heartbreaker over a reliable mate because they’re just not that concerned about marriage and babies at this stage of life.

She was telling me about how she was having some reservations because the last time (and one of the first times) they hung out she had identified some “Strikes”.

Now there’s no such thing, and so the men who are truly classy will stand out.The NEXT post (maybe, depending on how much you hate this one) will hope to explain why they are, and can be assholes.In summary, this post is “why are the only guys left to date are assholes” and the next post is “why can they be assholes”.In the past, men felt pressure to be chivalrous - so whether they liked it or not, they did it because, well, everyone else was doing it.This can be done in simple ways, like offering a coat if she’s cold, opening doors, sending flowers, paying the bill.

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