Dating calico fabric

They’re a little less overwhelming, have a smaller selection, and most of the fabrics are cute, so there’s no sorting through Piles of Uglies.

I usually order samples to make sure I love it in real life.

In the early twentieth century, instead of jeans or knits, women typically wore calico dresses and aprons to do housework. The Portuguese, intent upon being the first Europeans to trade for spices directly in the Malay archipelago, had arrived in Calicut, India.

There they encountered colored and uncolored cotton cloths of all descriptions, which they designated generally as "calicoes." Perhaps by default, "calico" very gradually acquired a secondary meaning in reference to basic, unelaborated cottons lacking the distinctive characteristics of other ones like "dungaree" or "gingham." Centuries before European traders disembarked in India, a wide range of Indian calicos, including painted or printed ones called , were carried by Arab traders to Turkey, the Levant, and North Africa as well as Southeast Asia.

Early in their enterprise, Portuguese, Dutch, and English spice traders learned to appreciate cotton because the spice islanders would not sell their merchandise reasonably for anything other than their preferred Indian cloths-or opium.

Thus enmeshed in calico trading, the traders sent quantities of the cheapest-probably left-overs-and some of the most luxurious kinds back home on private speculation or as curiosities.

If you’re designing a room from scratch and you’re doing it the easy way (following this easy little formula to a beautiful room), you know that finding a beautiful lead fabric will make this whole process so much easier and give you a solid direction.

If you don’t have a fabric board on pinterest, get on it! That way you hone your eye to know what looks expensive and what will last beyond the short-term trends.

They discovered lucrative markets in West Africa where, in the 1630s, they began selling special checked and striped calico as barter for slaves.Through their Mediterranean trade connections, wealthy Europeans had enjoyed imported spices and Indian quilted silks.They knew-or desired-little of the cottons, although Armenian entrepreneurs managed a calico trade along with spices and silks.The second question I get asked most often lately has been about where to shop for fabric online, how to dig through all the pages and find the good stuff, and how to know where to start. Often just starting there helps me save time wading through all the online fabric stores. I’ll share.)If I didn’t find what I was looking for there, I’ll hit the high-end designer fabric stores online next. So how do you narrow it down and find one you’ll love? (And I’m hoping you’ll share your own tips and process in the comments!

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