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Connell was also charged with possession of illegal drugs and possession of ammunition by a felon. After her death, the Grayson County Sheriff's Office charged the couple with second-degree murder in addition to the other charges.[source citations] Talan West, 7-years old, was brutally killed by a neighbor's pit bull, while two other dogs attacked and injured his 8-year old brother.The ad said the dog was "very good" with kids and people.Cheryl Davino of Norfolk, the dog's former owner, placed the ad.Both children were taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center, where Talan died.His brother was treated for dog bite injuries and released.

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The neighbor had helped Gladys with some day-to-day tasks, and it was not unusual for her to enter into the person's home, the Thurston County Sheriff's Office stated. Officials seized the dogs after her death and all four were euthanized after a 10-day quarantine period.

The male pit bull was found dead at the scene; the dog reportedly had a severe case of heartworms and became overexcited during the attack causing heart failure.

The two dogs that attacked Jaylan, both mixed-breed females, were euthanized after the attack.

In 2016, eight fatalities involved dogs from two or more different breeds, thus producing a death count total of 41 rather than 31.

Two dog breeds each contributed to one death, including: Australian cattle dog and shar pei.

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