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And his letters to close friends and relatives can be of even greater significance, for they often contain candid and personal remarks that can be employed by biographers in their attempts to reveal the enigmatic personality and highly complex thinking of this important artist.[1] It is for these reasons that the recent discovery of Duchamp's correspondence with his sister Suzanne and her husband, Jean Crotti, was of such significance.[2] In these letters, particularly those dating from the late Teens and early Twenties, Duchamp not only provides a detailed account of his activities but also discusses some of the most important works of art he produced in these years.

Among other things, he writes of the selection and naming of several Readymades and sends occasional reports on the progress and construction of his most important work of this period, Among the six children in the Duchamp family, Marcel (1887-1968) was closest in age and emotional attachment to his sister Suzanne (1889-1963).

Ultimately, it was the more conceptually oriented approach of Duchamp and Crotti that would distinguish their works in this exhibition from the more retinally oriented paintings of their Cubist colleagues.[13] In the fall of 1916 Duchamp moved out of the Lincoln Arcade into a small studio adjacent to the apartment occupied by the wealthy collectors Walter and Louise Arensberg, gracious patrons of the arts who had befriended Duchamp shortly after his arrival in America.

A year earlier he had been their house guest for a few months before finding his own studio, and now the Arensbergs had offered to pay his rent on this small studio in exchange for ownership of the The small studio Duchamp moved into was accessible to the upper level of the Arensberg apartment by a short hallway.

Today, peer-reviewed science corrects such assumptions; aesthetics have been a crucial aspect of evolutionary development and psychology says art is vital to mental health, art is not a mirage but an essential tangible process.

The vagaries of changing tastes validate art history rather than raising doubt, history being the record of such changes.

Ever since his arrival in New York, Duchamp had been the star attraction at the many gatherings held at the Arensberg apartment, which by 1917 had developed into a virtual haven for progressive European and American artists.[18] Here artists from both sides of the Atlantic were given ample opportunity to compare their work—examples of which hung side by side on the walls of the Arensberg apartment—and they were also provided with a congenial atmosphere in which to exchange ideas and opinions concerning the exhibition and promotion of the new art in America.

In 1915, the style of Crotti's paintings could be characterized as a somewhat unresolved mixture of Orphism and Cubism, but by the end of the year Duchamp's radical and innovative ideas had dramatically altered Crotti's comparatively conservative approach to art.

Which fits in with Duchamp’s wanting to destroy art, denying art with a hint of what it could be were it to really exist.We need to revise art history to show that for Duchamp the Readymade was not art, as he said “no term of art applies”.Duchamp’s contribution was to reposition concept at the core of art.Soon the space was overcrowded with his Readymades and with various projects relating to work on the , hardly presenting the impression of a traditional artist's atelier [fig.During the winter of 1916-1917, Duchamp led a rather leisurely existence for an artist of such renown, working only a few hours a day in his studio and spending most of his evenings in the company of the Arensbergs and their friends.

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