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Identifying the Signs of Mania Identifying the Signs of Depression Getting the Person Help Community Q&A Bipolar disorder, previously called manic depressive disorder, causes dramatic shifts in mood, energy level and behavior.People with the condition experience intense highs and lows.And rather than seek reassurance, you can simply notice how you feel when you're around your partner.If they are treating you well, are interested in seeing you, and are treating you consistently well, then let their actions serve as reassurance to you -- without having to ask for it.

Depression can make your own future look bleak: It tricks you into believing the future doesn't hold promise for your love life, and keeps you hyper-focused on the negative side of things.Sometimes a friend or family member who knows you well can see the positive things in you and in your life that you may have trouble recognizing. Negative self-talk, like "I'm a failure" or "No one wants me" or "Things will never get better" can be so defeating, and you can start to believe all of the negative things about yourself and your dating prospects. When you notice a negative thought, label it "that's a negative thought" or "that's a depressed thought," and gently let it go. When you're depressed, there's a tendency to excessively seek reassurance when entering a new relationship.In addition to this, plan things for yourself that help you anticipate and look forward to the future. Excessive reassurance seeking means that you are looking to your date to boost your self-esteem by confirming that you're worthy and lovable. You may repeatedly ask for confirmation of how much they really care for you or look for ways they can prove they care.Take some time to reflect on the relationship: What did you learn from it?What do you want to be different in your next relationship?

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